Comments on Mad in Aotearoa

We are really looking forward to people posting comments on Mad in Aoteroa, and with this being the internet we’ve put together some guidelines for any comments you wish to put up.

Please make sure your comment:

  • Respects Mad in Aotearoa’s kaupapa
  • Respects the other people who have posted blogs and comments
  • Is accessible for all readers
  • Is under one hundred words
  • Doesn’t break any laws
  • Isn’t any kind of advertisement
  • Is generally respectful

We are aware that various websites in Aotearoa have turned off the comments function, but we’re keen to try. We will be moderating all comments so please give us a reasonable amount of time to do that. Every comment that fits within the guidelines above will be published.

Nonetheless we know that we may have to follow the ‘no commenting’ course also. We will keep you up to date of any such developments.

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