Just Get On With It – Karen Breckon

Just Get On With It.

I want everything.

I want the Moon and the Sun.

I want to drown in my tears.

I want to feel the wind and rain start, and still stay outside.

I want to blunder my way through to every soft part of my soul.

I want a thought that is beyond everything I know, and that I don’t try to think of.

I want to soften my skin so the truth can soak in.

I want to be right here; as and where and who I am.

I want to tip myself out and see the strength in my own soft self.

I want to be hungry, tired, lost.

I want to be awake in the night.

I want to hear noises and voices that have no explanation.

I want to know things in my bones.

I want to become part of the beach, the paddock, the water-hole.

I do not want to ‘just get on with it’

And lose my own precious self

And the things that might be.

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