Poems – Cushla Louis-Carroll

The nightmare

Wresting with the demons that live inside my head
They come in the night, it’s something I dread
They try to remind me of the stuff I’ve thrown to the wind, the boys, the priesthood and the ultimate sin
It just a broken jigsaw that I’ve tried to throw away.  But those pieces just don’t disappear, they always want to stay.
I’ve thrown my jigsaw in the bin and also in the deep blue sea, but these demons still attack not letting me be free
They come to my bedroom in the middle of the night, they hassle me til I have no fight.
They take away my dignity, no respect for me they give. They seem to always find out where I’m going to live.  The demons just stare at me they do not let me be, I lie really frozen, they are my reality
Now it’s morning the light brings a different kind of thought, I think about those boots that I should of bought and lessons I’ve been taught

By c.m.louis-carroll


Even Kings Cry

When the sad goes away
Waking up in a different way
Smiling while riding the breeze
Living once more with ease

When you look at my face
For today my cards are an ace
You don’t see the madness
Smiling grateful for the gladness

People asking how would you be
The sky is blue so is the sea.
Getting over the sad to deal with mad
Society looks at madness as bad

Publicly you try not to cry with depression
We as a world need to learn this lesson
Cry all you want, its better out than in
We all cry even William who will be king

My lesson I am trying to teach
Hold out your hand, help’s in reach
People are walking desperate and lost
Government policy on mental health is too much a cost

Be whatever you need to be
You might be a persons life’s key
Well for today my lesson is at an end
It’s with a loving heart I deliver and send

By c.m.louis-carroll


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