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Anyone who has experience of extreme states can submit a post to Mad in Aotearoa to be considered for publication.

Post Submission Guidelines

  • Posts must fit the kaupapa of Mad in Aotearoa – We provide blog space for expressing the creation of wisdom from living inside the experience of extreme states of being. We speak in our words, from our cultures and our communities from our lives in Aotearoa/New Zealand. We are showing how we are using this wisdom in our worlds.
  • Please allow a reasonable time for your post to be read and responded to.
  • Not all posts are accepted for publication at Mad in Aotearoa. Reasons for this might include the quality of writing, or that the post does not fit the kaupapa above.
  • If your story is accepted for publication we might suggest edits, changes, deletions, or additions, and this will happen in collaboration with you.
  • You need to include a photo of yourself that we will publish with your name on the People page.
  • Posts need to be between 1500-2500 words and sent to us as an editable document.
  • If you wish to include pictures, audio or video files in your post they must be accessible to all readers. Check
  • Once published, stories will not be removed from the archives for any reason. Please consider carefully whether you are ready for your post to be published online, before you submit it.